Interesting experience for Victoria Beckham

Being one of the judges of American Idol actually brought an interesting experience for Victoria Beckham. Former Spice Girls personnel finally realized that he could not keep up Simon Cowell did not hesitate to slaughter the contestants if they did not deserve.

"I was really nervous. I do not want to kill anyone hope. I was among those who think positively. I can always find a way to praise people. Even if they are truly useless they might be wearing good shoes," Victoria said, as quoted by Splash News.

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Although Simon Cowell never said directly to Victoria, David Beckham's wife was aware that Simon must have found it too 'good' for the jury. "I think Simon must have thought I was too 'good'. In fact, without my assessment that people would know if he was not good enough. I do not need to add a bad situation," said Victoria later.