Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has reportedly broken up with her new boyfriend, Jamie Justify FullPadgett. Star sexy 42-year-old who recently took part in the pantomime Aladdin was met with Padgett in a trailer park in Malibu where they live.

They both eventually fell in love and dating. However, recent news indicate if they are no longer connected. Anderson and Padgett spent time in the festival's trailer on their own.

A source told RadarOnline.com as quoted by Splash News, "Pam made it clear if he was no longer going out with Jamie and he's looking for a new lover. He does not reveal bad things about Jamie. Pam even mention if she is very sweet man and he hoped they could still be friends. "

Meanwhile, a site that asks Americans to Padgett and he replied, "I do not go to London with Pam during the holidays because I'm busy myself. Whatever he wants to say we were going out or not. I'm sure I'll meet him when I did meet him . "