Kelly Osbourne still feel uncomfortable

Although there is nothing wrong with her body, Kelly Osbourne still feel uncomfortable when photographed wearing a bikini. However, because did not have much choice, Kelly was forced to surrender to the paparazzi who tried to take pictures Kelly while on vacation in Hawaii.

"Although my body is still in good condition since participated in Dancing With The Star, I still feel uncomfortable at times being photographed wearing a bathing suit," explained Kelly, who spent Christmas vacation in Hawaii this year with Luke Worall, her lover.

Kelly actually wanted to raise the weight again but it seems to effect the practice when preparing for Dancing With The Star is not lost. "Actually I hope I've put on weight again after the show but even I am losing weight on. Maybe my metabolism is now added quickly," continued Kelly as reported by Splash News.

Before leaving on vacation in Hawaii, Kelly had said that he felt the weight left at home because her family life she always celebrated Christmas with his family.



January 13, 2010 at 9:19 PM