Charlize Theron

Feel comfortable as Stella in the movie starring THE ITALIAN JOB, Charlize Theron as addictive. Even he was not shy to express his ambition to be involved again in the remake of 2003 film also starring Mark Wahlberg and Donald Sutherland is.

From the rumor that circulated in Hollywood, get out that there will be a sequel to a movie which shows the cars are cool. However, Theron not sure about that information. To be sure, he hopes to play in it.

Talking about the news that a sequel, she tells the Daily Mirror newspaper English edition, "I still do not know. I hope the hell is happening in the near future."

"They're trying to prepare the script for 8 years and I hope to follow-up star. But I do not really know what the process is like. Yes, if it becomes reality, they already know is what do I want, pengen follow-up to play anymore," he continued cited News Splash.