Artis Edies Adelia

Edies Adelia
Yogyakarta, 26 Februari 1979

Each night if be reminded the beloved mama, Edies always did prayers tahajud and recited the Koran while one week was full. Edies then only could rest 3 or 4 hours in a week were full to pray for ibunda him. For a Edies routine week that not all that rested that in aggravated with the activity syuting the film that must come home on 1 o'clock in the evening.

Initially, was sick that was felt by Edies had an opportunity to be not known by the sign of his illness. Edies only felt the fever that never will descend for 2 days, in fact Edies has taken medicine the stall to cure his fever. And on Tuesday (30/12) rom kapanlagi.com, Edies memeriksakan himself to RS MMC Jakarta.

The medical side could 2 times observed his illness, but first observation, Edies the diagnosis did not suffer the serious illness. And after being treated 4 hours in UGD Edies then in permitted came home. But during in the house, the fever that in the Edies suffering relapsed again. Edies then was forced to be re-memeriksakan himself to the doctor. Edies was at once forced to undergo treated inap to know further the illness that was suffered by him. And after passing the medical process, Edies was sentenced by the doctor suffered dengue fever.