Artis Ersa Mayori

The biography, Ersa Mayori, Perempuan, Islam, Jakarta, 14 Mei 1979

Ersa Mayori

Claimed concerned with the impasse in Jakarta that increasingly for a long time was increasingly serious. "I was increasingly concerned with the impasse in Jakarta." The main thing is between the morning and that night how come was just the same the breakdown

For anticipation of the impasse, Ersa sometimes chose to not drive his personal car. "Sometimes I also rose the taxi bike or busway because I always was thoughtful to pursue time," added the mother of two children.

The impasse in Jakarta was increasingly just serious. With the impasse in the morning, many people felt many people was disrupted and hindered in beraktivitas. Ersa Mayori, some that had received the bad experience related the impasse in Jakarta. This INSERT presenter sometimes chose to rise the taxi bike or busway in order to avoid the impasse.