Artis Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar
Jakarta, 28 Januari 1992

Shireen Sungkar evidently had the noble heart. This young star always made use of itself to share with the unluckier person. Like that the implementation on Wednesday (14/01). The actress and this The Sisters personnel followed the agenda pengajian and at the same time the benefit for the child yatim.

Although in the situation was sick, Shireen was still giving itself time to be present at this agenda. For him, gave the benefit as the shape shared fortune from the Lord. "I actually was sick but I was narrow-sempetin came." Earlier then the school until not entered. I pengen ngasih same other fortune. The lord would the fortune love with us would for various. In fact I not will be glad also, later frightened him it was thought showed off.