Artis Nadia Saphira

The Biography Artis Nadia Saphira
Jakarta, 20 Oktober 1987

The mother was temporary the father busy working made Nadia Saphira felt frustasi. He went to Bali and met an old artist. It was startling, he at once fell in love without words with the man.

However that did not happen in the real world definitely, only was in the UNDER THE TREE film besutan the famous film-maker, Garin Nugroho. When being met in the premiere of the film in Blitz Megaplex Gran Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat, on last Thursday morning (08/01), Nadia said that in the film, he got many lessons.

Touched on concerning his character, Nadia claimed very much was difficult got chemistry him. source from kapanlagi.com"Get chemistry him was difficult really because there was gap the age that very far, around 41-an." Narrow confused words that were exact to be revealed in the dialogue like what, added Nadia.