Artis Tere(Theresia Ebenna Ezeria Pardede)

Theresia Ebenna Ezeria Pardede
Jakarta, 02 September 1979

When the mother came back, himself felt disappointed and startled because of his house already in the empty situation. NY. Larsiana could then ask the police to become the demolition witness of his house padlock.

The singer's artist Tere it was reported expelled the mother personally from his personal house in the Cijantung region, Jakarta Timur. This Tere behaviour could make ibunda him, NY. Larsiana Purba, shock and could cry. He narrated personally started during caleg from Democratic Party intended to sell his mother's house. from kapanlagi.com However the Tere wish was not agreed to by the mother. Was not at him wits end, Tere then tried to make his mother go out of the house by giving him the aircraft ticket to Medan.

According to NY. Larsiana, himself continued to not agree if his house was sold. "Please should not was exaggerated by the matter" of "this reporting." I not like his mother of Kiki Fatmala, said NY. Larsiana.