Artis Ririn Dwi Ariyanti

Biography Ririn Dwi Ariyanti (was born in Jakarta, on November 6 1985; the age 22 years) was the model, the film actress as well as the Indonesian presenter that were religious Islam. Attended the launching of the new The Flintz album, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti received the pleasant surprise. In the middle of the occurence of the launching of the group's album of this new music, Ririn got surprise party for his birthday that was 23rd. The matter of the Ririn presence in the launching agenda of this album only was because of the old friend.

Although busy being in the film, Ririn had finally succeeded in completing the lecture in the University of Paramadina Jakarta. Ririn succeeded in maintaining his thesis that was entitled the 'Effectiveness of Special Event Terhadap Pembentukan Citra EO Store in the eyes of public' opposite the examiner's lecturer the University of Paramadina Jakarta.

"This the friend for a long time, had been the same Derry." from kapanlagi.com ririn is Previously that dikenalin was the same the friend also, but narrow startled was given surprise like gini, in fact would they ngundang to ngeliat performance they. In fact embarrassed, but happy, special. But narrow startled, said the star born in November 06 1985. For his birthday that to 23 years, Ririn only more often was not grateful and think about the matter what was reached by him. "That to 23, if I not mikirin the problem, for me that mensyukuri what has been reached now," he added.