Artis Mona Ratuliu

The biography: Mona Ratuliu, was born in Jakarta on January 31 1982. He was known in the world of entertainment as the film actress, the presenter and the model star. And later took part in gathering in the agenda of the situation comedy. His role as the mute nurse, Sofia in the DI MATAMU RAINBOW film to early himself was known to be wide in the community. Following afterwards the opportunity starred in the KASIH SAYANG FLOWER film.

As a mother, Mona Ratuliu always tried to give the full support in what was the interest of his daughter, Davina. Mona took part in accompanying Davina when his daughter appeared in the performance of ballet in the Ismail Marzuki Garden on Sunday (02/11).

Witnessed the Davina appearance, Mona admitted to being happy. from kapanlagi.com Ballet that ditekuni Davina until this has taken place two years more. And according to Mona, already several times his daughter rose the stage. "Davina studied the ballet already 2 1/2 the year." And he has often appeared in the stage, until I forgot already how many times he appeared, said Mona.

Whoever did not like to witness his child having the talent and the capacity, did not differ from Mona that admitted to liking every time to witness his daughter rising the stage. "I was happy if ngeliat he perform, because at the same time curious how far the belief himself he in perform." Now Davina already many of his developments. If previously every time appeared always was towed with his.