Aktor Ari Wibowo

Biografi : Arianto Wibowo, was like this his original name. However the birth man, Berlin, Germany this December 26 1970 more was known by the name of Ari Wibowo. The handsome star that was the first of his career as the model star, furthermore to follow the tracks of his older brother, IRA Wibowo, as the star of film acting and sinetron0.

The Ari Wibowo fight actor was happy on his wife's pregnancy of Inge Anugrah that just aged six weeks. Ari personally just knew in the last three days and claimed happy with the presence of the child both of them this. "Inge was again pregnant has six weeks.from kapanlagi.com say" But I just knew three days ago. The feeling was happy really until loncat-loncat in the bathroom, obviously him when being met in the location syuting the videoclip in Street. Wijaya 1 No. 25 Southern Jakarta, on Wednesday (12/11).

"I hoped the child who was born this was the girl," obviously the actress's brother IRA Wibowo this. Ari that married in July 7 2006 that currently also prepared the name for his baby and planned Caesar's operation for his wife. Although not yet knowing gender the baby, but the name of the woman has been prepared for this last child. "If the girl would we the Kyana name love," said Ari that also did not know the meaning of the name.