Modify Dark Queen Kristen Stewart So Snow Black

Kristen Stewart appearance in the film SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman not only riveting, but also succeeded in changing the image of Snow White that seem to be more powerful weak. But what would happen if Snow White was turned into a beautiful Snow Black? That is what appears when a woman who is also acting in the movie TWILIGHT is present in the film premiere of SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman. As reported by The Sun on Tuesday (15/5), Christian seemed dressed in all black. On that occasion, the Christian looks fun joking with the cast Queen Ravenna, which is also compact Charlize Theron wearing a black shirt. Laughter full of intimacy is clearly not we meet in the movie Snow White which they starred. Whether intentional or not, they wear a costume theme is quite similar although the model is clearly different. With a transparent black dress both sworn enemies in front of the screen can still display their sexiness. Surely not just the two of them who attended the show. In the midst of their compactness, Chris Hemsworth is also a moment and then join your fellow players and to show solidarity