Lady GaGa Dada Exhibition Through Twitter

Lady GaGa again cause fans shocked by his actions. Having made ​​the costumes and unusual newfangled, now 26 years old singer comes with seductive poses that would make anyone staring. As reported by the Dailymail, the singer of this song Born This Way looks posing with photographer Terry Richardson. In the photo intentionally created black and white, the GaGa look so lowering the clothing next to her chest clearly visible In addition to holding his chest, GaGa also increasingly contrived poses hot with a passionate expression of the display. Meanwhile, Terry, who seems to hold the waist GaGa also features claw style and ready to pounce. Terry is a style that is displayed was not without purpose. Pounce style is nothing but a form of admiration for Terry on the GaGa is known for his artificial claws. This photo was uploaded GaGa shortly before the owner's name is Stefani Germanotta record with 24 million followernya twitter. Perhaps this is one way to celebrate GaGa. :