Harass employees, Sharon Stone Sued for Green Table

For alleged racist acts, Sharon Stone had to deal with the law. Basic Instinct star is considered to be prosecuted for harassing a former employee ethnicity. As reported by the Dailymail, former nanny named Erlinda Element alleges Sharon often peppered with racist words while she was working for him. Filipino bloody woman is claiming that Sharon is often called the Filipinos are the stupid people. Elements also revealed that Sharon is often forbidden to talk to their children because their children would not talk like element. In addition, Sharon is also often accused elements meal paid for, so often asked Element return the excess salary he had received. Element itself claims to have worked long enough for Sharon. In 2008, he was even promoted as a nanny so the head is always encouraged wherever Sharon and her children go. But ultimately, he was fired in 2011. Responding to this case, attorney Sharon said that this is just one of the tricks of former employees to earn more money. Because last year the element was sue Sharon for different cases, but did not win.