Lady GaGa Ready to Respect Culture Indonesia

Lady GaGa is actually not going to stay silent about the endangered Little Monster can not watch the concert in Indonesia. In order to hold one of the biggest concerts in Asia this year, the Lady GaGa willing to respect the rules and culture prevailing in the country. "So we, as with other artists, we also establish communication with the management of Lady Gaga. Especially relating to this and now it has become the world's Trending Topic. Lady GaGa The management has also been able to absorb these aspirations so that we also got one statements from them, that they expressed willingness to respect the rules and culture prevailing in our country. And Lady GaGa's management also intends to provide a show that will never be forgotten is, "said the representative of the promoter, Ndang Mawardi, while speaking at the event Television, Metro Today. [Info for you: "All the news KapanLagi.com be opened on the phone. Make sure your GPRS or 3G service is already active, then open your mobile internet browser, enter the address: m.kapanlagi.com"] Big Daddys as party promoters actually have anticipated the possibility of going to the pros and cons of Lady Gaga concert. Ndang admitted his side had discussed this with Lady GaGa party long before this volatile issue. "Actually it's the communication we have done since the first time we get confirmation of the arrival of Lady GaGa. And there we have also stated how the name oriental norms. Moreover, here also it is more than 85% Muslim population. It was so caring and they also been able to absorb it, "explained Ndang. As previously reported, the concert was due to be held on June 3 at the Bung Karno has received stiff opposition parties. On the other hand, the enthusiasm of Indonesia is very large music lovers to watch GaGa concert in Indonesia. This makes the police seem to take days of giving the show permission.