Kristen Stewart Assume narcissism Network Main Site

Fame always has two sides, which brings advantages and disadvantages. For Kristen Stewart fame who now gets to bring a positive value in his life. TWILIGHT SAGA star admits her life so much easier thanks to a famous person. Behind the fame, Stewart also had a different idea with most people, that most users of social networking sites, but the actress refused to use a networking site for narcissism think it shows.

In an interview with Total Film Stewart says that fame makes life much easier. With all that obtaining now he can get good projects.

Problem of social networking sites, 20-year-old star was admitted was not interested to use it. "It's too connected. They can reach out and touch you. I feel the most interesting thing to me is that I'm working on the film. More than that ... it's just narcissism entirely. You start out something - and then they began asking incessantly. There was never a point of satisfaction that you can accomplish, so why start. "



June 14, 2010 at 8:00 PM

想別人怎樣對你,你便怎樣對待別人。 ..................................................