Jessica Alba Make Surprise By 'THE KILLER INSIDE ME'

I do not know why but the role of Jessica Alba in the movie THE KILLER INSIDE ME which will soon be circulated to make close friends of this star was shocked. Jessica's role this time was different from previous roles he had played. Jessica in this movie portrayed a woman tunasusila.

"My friends are perhaps the most surprised to see my role in this film. They tried to dispel that image from their minds," says Jessica Alba is quoted from Splash News. It is unclear to what extent did the role of Jessica in this movie but this movie certainly lifted from a novel that revolves around a serial killer who works as an enforcer.

Although not much information circulating about this film but Jessica Alba has certainly consider a good decision. "If I need to be separated from my baby there must be a strong reason for it. I do not want to split from the baby I just to play in the film is silly and I had to run wearing tight clothes while shooting at people for six months," explained Jessica Alba affirms that these movies do have something.