Imogen Thomas Picture Vulgar

London - Imogen Thomas, who is not familiar with the model of Big Brother on this one. Large breasts, beautiful, body yahud.

Order to satisfy his fans, former boyfriend Jermaine Defoe, the show looks the most vulgar of the vulgar, when she posed naked for Zoo magazine.

Brunet-haired model who appeared seven times on Channel 4 saying, "I think, everything can happen at any time only. In fact, more vulgar, more good. "

And what proved to Imogen, show-opener to open the men's magazine Zoo, she also appeared in several poses that make him up and down the Adam's apple.

"Anyone who does not pay attention this time, may only have sex in an instant. But look at my photos, you must have the ability to control yourself, "Imogen said as quoted by The Sun.

Although appearing naked in Zoo sufficient, but Imogen reminded, is not too serious readers to observe the photos.

"You can not control what you say or what you do, when (sorry) horny-so just imagine it in front of the entire country," explained Imogen.

"You may end up with someone you regret in the morning as well. Someone who I knew from the BB still feel like a home when they were thrown from the show, "sneered Imogen