They are artists outside but actually bloody Indonesia,

Pict Hot During this time, we saw some foreign artists who are not thought or we thought we still had blood ties with Indonesia. They are artists outside but actually bloody Indonesia, although there is only a small part. Here are 10 of them:
Carmit Bachar

An American artist is a member of the music group Pussycat Dolls before finally decided to get out of the group in March 2008.Bachar born and raised in a multi-ethnic family. His father bloody Minang-Indonesia and Israel, while a mixture of Dutch and Chinese mother.
Kristin Laura Kreuk
Artists and models in Canada is becoming known since her role in the Canadian television series teen entitled Edgemont as Laurel and became popular since playing the character of Lana Lang in Smallville television series. His father Peter Kreuk bloody Dutch and his mother Deanna Che, Chinese blood Medan-Indonesia.
Leila Tong Hing

Start a career since the age of 8 years, Leila contracted by network TVB as the star children. He was born in Hong Kong but her bloody Palembang - Indonesia.
Marcus Schenkenberg Lodewijk van Mierop
Born in Solna, Stockholm, August 4, 1968 is the Swedish model. Two brothers Marcus and Michael, the son of Robert the bloody Netherlands - Indonesia and his mother, Yvonne, native Dutch.
Dinand Woesthoff
Vocalist of the band from the Netherlands, Kane has Indonesian blood coming from her father's genes.
Adriana Francesca Lima
Entry into the world of the model since 1994 in Brazil, then in New York and Europe. Five gained fame after posing in underwear ads Guess, but the more well-known for her appearances in Victoria 's Secret. The woman who was born June 12, 1981 is of mixed European, America, Africa, and Indonesia.
Guy Tang
A professional models, hair stylists, and photographers. He was born in Los Angeles, California in 1981 which comes from Chinese blood mother Medan-Indonesia.
Mark Paul Gosselaar
Indonesia has the blood of his mother, Paula. She was famous when playing movies Detective John Clark on ABC "s NYPD Blue.
Avalon Chanel Weyzig
Born in Zwolle, the woman who has lineage Sumatra-Indonesia is a model and winner of the Miss Holland 2009. He represented the Netherlands in 2009 to show the Miss World.
Petra Charlotte Verkaik
The American model is labeled as a model with the most appearances in Playboy magazine, with more than 70 editions. Petra was born of a father and mother bloody Dutch-Indonesian descent Sumatra.
There are still a lot of artists that bloody Indonesian descent, who may not yet know. Whatever our descendants, have the attitude with pride.