Phenomenal dress It turned out that indeed Made of Gold - White!

Still curious about the original color white dress - gold that phenomenon; it? This is the exact answer that directly says the creator of the clothing.

The dress has become a warm conversation some time ago. White color - gold is called can be seen as turn into another color, blue - black.

Much speculation about it. Some experts even mention if the color change is an illusion of color that caught the eye.

Now, a surprising fact reborn. Roman Originals as the creator of the dress turned out to be released in a white-gold version. The dress will actually be used by Cecilia Beasdale and only produced in limited quantities.

The statement is not without evidence. David Horwich, a creative director for a 100% Digital reveal the real evidence. David himself had also been taking a picture of the dress in a photo session.

"London is the center of the fashion world and we had the privilege to take the first photo of the dress' White and Emas'itu in our studio," said David Horwich.

The statement further strengthen the evidence that it is indeed made phenomenal dress in white and gold version. Still do not believe?