Got Body slim Barbie doll, It Secret Paris Hilton

Having a slim and perfect body is a big dream for every woman. However it turns out, this is very easily obtained by Paris Hilton. Not only beautiful and smooth, Paris also has a Barbie body shape really.
If it were so, of course, many people are wondering what the secret is actually owned by Paris to maintain its appearance. However, now you do not need to be curious again. Through an interview, he expressed his diet tips.
As reported by the Daily Mail, DJ gorgeous 34 year old revealed that during this time he was trying hard to avoid foods and beverages that are harmful to health. What is that? Especially if it is not soda.
Paris slim Barbie dolls @ instagram.com/parishilton
"I gave up drinking soda from a year ago. It was able to shrink the stomach part overnight," he said through an interview with the Mail Online.
This is clearly a major impact on performance. Just look at the evidence in fact the portrait above. Not only exhibit outstanding coastal scenery is beautiful, Paris also displays slender body when wearing a bikini.
Not just stop consuming soda, Paris also stressed that he drank a lot of water and juice. "I love vegetable smoothies, tastes good and makes me become more energetic. I also like to drink juice. I get a lot more vitamins from fruit, vegetable, protein abundance, and also eat lots of salad," he concluded.