Valeria Lukyanova? It turns Banget Beautiful smile!

Valeria Lukyanova life Barbie figure is certainly very impressive in your heart is not it? Yes, the appearance of these women really had a tumultuous media some time ago. How not? He is willing to undergo a massive operation to get the perfect look that he wanted.

His figure is very controversial indeed invite any criticism and negative comments from the public. However, as if indifferent to it all, he still live a normal life and even with aplomb.

Peeking his Instagram account, you will see clearly how the Ukrainian-born woman was greatly admired himself. This is evidenced by the number of photos that adorn selfienya its timeline. However, there is only one picture that appears on the digital album. What is it?

Valeria no smile without a smile @ @ Facebook.com/ValeriaLukyanovaValeria Facebook.com/ValeriaLukyanova

Valeria is a woman who rarely smiled. I wonder what he had in mind, each posing in front of the camera, he always displays a flat expression with the mouth slightly open. Her eyes were too cynical, adding to the impression snapped in him. From here then a new question arises, what if the woman dubbed the Human Barbie show wide smile?


Well, now you do not need to wonder anymore. The reason is, there is a photo that could answer the curiosity in your heart. Just look at a photo that is uploaded in the following Valeria Instagram account.

  In the photo, you can see clearly how Valeria looked very pretty face with a smile that showed her teeth. Wearing makeup looked overdone and seem not natural. Obviously, this is very different from the previous key performances.

This is quite surprising, some of his followers even if his face did not think it could be as beautiful as if smiling. What do you think Valeria facial appearance when smiling broadly like this? Come, share your opinion in the comments below! ;)