Fear Wrinkles, Kim Kardashian Reluctant to Share a Smile now

Not only beautiful, Kim Kardashian is also known to have a very friendly face. But in fact, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is very reluctant to show a sweet smile while posing in front of the camera.

Investigate a investigate, it is not done without reason. He admitted reluctantly smile, let alone laugh in front of the camera for fear of his face would be wrinkled.

This was expressed when uploading a photo some time ago. He showed a very sweet laughter, but also noted that very surprising.

 See, I was also able to smile, even laugh in a variety of occasions. But not often because smiles and laughter causes wrinkles, "he said via social media accounts.

Kanye West's wife believes that the curve that occurs when smiling or laughing will harm the skin beautiful. In addition, the make-up as well so messy if the face is too much driven.

Well, the time anyway laugh and a smile can cause wrinkles? Roughly where Kim get such a theory? What do you think yourself about this? (eon / ris)