Lana Del Rey denies Mileage 'Shortcut' To Success

Flawless and sexy, Lana Del Rey is often associated with negative things about him. Some people consider this singer song Summertime Sadness short-cut to be as successful as this.

Yup, the assumption that the new artist has to pay with her ​​body to penetrate the contract is still quite strong in the community. And because of that, Lana Del Rey dismissed the allegation tilted about him just because he had a charming physical appearance.

Lana was admitted to the affair with some people in the music industry, but it did not help him to get a contract. Therefore, he felt if Raihan 7 million digital album sales came from his own efforts.

 Singer tasteful music 'strange' is declared more like a love affair that involves more physical. He said love should be something pleasant, although sometimes also be fought.

Just this beautiful singer broke up with his girlfriend stated, Barrie-James O'Neill. It seems quite difficult for him to adjust the time due to their busy musical career, respectively.

Meanwhile, opportunities for achievement incise return earned by Lana Del Rey. Single West Coast his MTV VMA nominated in 2014 for Best Cinematography. With shades of black and white, this clip does seem tempting. 've Watched the video?

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