Too Erotic, Nicole Kidman Out Project 'nymphomaniac'

Shocking news came from Nicole Kidman. Ex-wife of Tom Cruise is rumored to come out of the project nymphomaniac erotic films.

According to rumors, the release of THE OTHERS star because real sex scenes he would do. This beautiful actress was not prepared for it.

Whereas before Lars Von Trier, the director, has confirmed that the scene is going to use a stuntman. If later they would be naked, it would be special effects like motion blur.

Before Kidman, Shia LaBeouf also was frightened by the demands of this scene. But he dared to accept the challenge from the director to do hot scenes in front of many people.

NYMPOMANIAC will release in 2013. The film will be shown in two versions namely hardcore and softcore versions. (sun / abs)

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