This time Lady Gaga Not Dressing "Weird"

At Harrods London, England, Sunday (10/07/2012) local time, when it arrived and launched her first perfume, Fame, vocalist and songwriter Lady Gaga was dressed in a "strange". Makeup and good hair too. But, look at his hands.

Yes, Lady Gaga long dress simple design - black; follow the shape of her body, but not too tight, and without arms; pleated bottom and cover the soles of its feet, which is usually "strange" and diperlihatkannya.His hair - the hair extensions and light brown - hung up waist. The upper back is bulging like hairdos "beehive" style of the late singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who inspired hairdo in the 1990s. His hair sometimes disibaknya and saw the golden earrings adorn her ears. For her, dressing her contrived stand out, such as dressing "cat's eye" is synonymous with Winehouse eye makeup.

Apparently, Gaga has a specific purpose with the clothes, hairstyle and makeup that. He wants the attention of the people drawn to the gold colored accessories on both hands, which is in line with giwangnya. On the left, there is a bracelet and a "claw" like that worn by traditional dancers several countries in Asia, such as Indonesia and Thailand. Meanwhile, on the right, no bracelets, and ornaments, and finger nails simpler.However, outside accessories that draw attention, in the chance that Gaga has upset many fans, who called the Little Monster. Why not? Gaga arrived an hour late from the scheduled time. Gaga also stepped in only black carpet spread out, not from the base to the tip, so that the fans, who are waiting for hours, can not be satisfied greet and immortalize. In addition, the accessories on his hands, Gaga certainly can not greet the fans.

One of his fans, Luke Reader (18), from central London, said: "It is ironic that the perfume name Fame, because it really shows how fame has changed him." Advanced Reader, "He can not even give five minutes to talk and be photographed."