Watching Soccer, Victoria Beckham Confused action

Although originally a singer Victoria Beckham is a recent but Victoria's name more closely with the fashion world. As one of the fashion world a respected figure, Victoria certainly do not want to perform with makeup that does not quite fit. Because it was also puzzled when he could be watching a football game with her husband.

That day Victoria Beckham was already planning to watch a football game in Brooklyn, his son. Create a David Beckham, this is absolutely not a problem but for the opposite Victoria. He does not want to miss the game ball but he also knows not have to dress up like anything.

"Want to watch football! Wear what??? Vintage jeans! Looks like I have to buy new! T-Shirt too! X VB x, 'Victoria Beckham wrote via Twitter. After thinking about it long enough, eventually dropped his choice at Victoria faded jeans and a T-shirt. According to Splash News, the day that Victoria looks very casual in jeans, T-shirts that read 'what goes around comes around' and casual shoes. (SPL / rock)