Christina Aguilera Love For Husband Leave a Message

Christina Aguilera had a lot of ways to warm loving relationship with her husband, Jordan Bratman. This singer every day to write messages of love to her husband when she left home.

During an interview, Not Myself Tonight 'singer is said that he is also using lipstick as a means of giving the message.
"I leave a mark with lipstick on the bathroom mirror for him when he wakes up, and I wrote a small note with lipstick on the glass and in the shower. Note the small, small cards, the words 'I love you' in there, here, just to make all fun and lively, "bright star of this section.

29-year-old singer has been undergoing marriage for five years until now and has a son from, Bratman. Aguilera has his own recipe for maintaining the household, which is still making his marriage interesting. The presence of their son, Max Liron (2) also makes this pair even closer. He also stressed the importance of providing a space for couples.

"Everyone has a bad thing, everyone grew up and we are all experiencing change. It is important to give space to grow and accept them as they are," he explained.