Naomi Campbell Find Peace in Kabbalah

Lately, Naomi Campbell is being overwhelmed with problems. His name had been linked with a diamond problems from a former president of Liberia, while some other rumors also seem less friendly in this British supermodel. Perhaps because it also Naomi then tries to pursue this belief Kabbalah and reportedly has given him peace of mind.

"All we can change is ourselves and the energy of what we want to enter into us. That's what we can change. I studied Kabbalah because it has brought me to a place that feels peaceful and positive," said Naomi Campbell, as quoted from Splash News. Actually, Naomi relations with the Jewish religion is not a new story. He was familiar with Kabbalah since about 10 years ago.

"I was in and out of Kabbalah since 2000. I'm not too serious until recently. I also began to perform the ritual. I do not know whether my pronunciation is correct but I will keep trying," said Naomi Campbell. Naomi probably not the only celebrities who follow the teachings of Kabbalah. Madonna also has long become Kabbalists. (SPL / rock)
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