Tika Putri

Mate is in the hands of God, this proverb is happening at Princess Tika in finding a boyfriend. Starting from a friendship that has the same hobby Tika finally able to give up his heart is touched by a man.

"Ga intentionally, originally temenan, but he could ngertiin me and he could understand my job," said Tika when found on the set in gleaming LOVE Kamila Rempoa area, South Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 3) night.

Yet voters are not looking for qualities in a boyfriend Tika. Student Faculty of Business Management Universitas Bina Nusantara Jakarta was admitted to not think too much about the kind of work in terms of choosing a girlfriend.

"I did not choose to choose, but it dapetnya not the artist, because I used to share and confide to him. So, if from different fields, ngobrolnya exclaimed," said the girl was smiling.

Tika busy stripping the soap opera is making himself rarely meet with her lover's. "Rarely will see, yes because I'm not stripping. He could accept kok, anyways were both adults," he added