Operation of Elizabeth Taylor

Operation of Elizabeth Taylor traveled last October was a success but there has been no further news about this until heart surgery via Twitter Elizabeth reported that she felt like getting a new heart after the operation and hope that his fans always wishing the best for her.

"My heart operation went well lived. I feel like getting a new heart," he said via Twitter. It turned out that the surgical procedure undertaken Elizabeth Taylor is still relatively new, but research shows that this new procedure was more good than heart surgery previously done by the surgeons.

Elizabeth Taylor using a device called a MitraClip. Unlike previous procedures that require heart surgery to repair a heart valve that does not function, these new devices do not require cardiac surgery, so the risks are also much smaller patients. "This new tool is still working repair my heart valve leakage using a clip, without having to dissect my heart," continued Elizabeth Taylor as reported by Splash News.

According to research, this new procedure is claimed to reduce complications after cardiac surgery as common in the previous procedure. This device itself was developed by Abbott Laboratories and sold only in Europe alone