Stefani Germanotta Angelina

Looks like Lady GaGa soon will not be alone on stage to music because there are predictions that younger singer named Joanne original Stefani Germanotta Angelina will soon follow his brother. The difference is, the younger boy did not seem to be following her sister's dress style 'spectacular'.

According to Splash News, last weekend, Natali Germanotta now 18-year-old look 'around' in the center of entertainment in New York with her friends. Natali did not dress weird. He wore a black skirt and said to those who came to celebrate the birthday of Natali is also not much embarrassed.

"Hollywood did not dress the same as Lady GaGa. All of his friends only drink soda because they are all still 21 years old. They all seemed very polite," said one source told the New York Post.

The same story also mentions that Natali is currently taking vocal lessons with the hope of one singer Lady GaGa at concerts later. Natali reportedly also be cameo in the latest video clips and Beyonce Lady GaGa entitled Telephone