Sarah Azhari =Artist beautiful and sexy

Artist beautiful and sexy Sarah Azhari bodied entertaining show in Medan. Located at the Delta Spa & Massage, Jl. Ir Juanda, Medan, Wednesday (17 / 2) night, he was really able to shake and the heat of the visitors who attended. Although his voice is only somewhat mediocre, but his appearance was so sensational a separate magnet for hundreds of visitors who were present at the time.

Wrap robe with red and open, Ayu Azhari's younger brother was hit the stage at approximately 24.00 and get immediate Wib applaus lively from the audience who attended the evening.

Sarah who looked good at winding liukkan body makes the visitors continued to try to get closer and photographing the action on stage. Occasionally she allows some visitors to climb onto the stage, singing and dancing with him.

Not only the songs that rock, but she also sang dangdut songs that provoke the audience to participate rocked. Some rock songs like Starlight owned by British band, Muse, and Oh Sweet Child of Mine Guns N Roses, also owned Slank virus, as well as pop songs sound (Kuberharap).

In his stage act she took time to greet visitors who can take pictures very close to Sarah. "Want to track what else? Do dangdut keep dong. The rather slow to go," said Sarah with a soft voice.

In the evening the audience instead asked that she rocked. "Rickety, dong!" asked the audience. As if he was unable to refuse a request spectators, she even responded to it by the song of welcome Terajana viewers to catch up Rapuh.

Sarah appear entertaining audiences for about 1.5 hours. However, duration 1.5 hours did not seem enough to quench the thirst of the audience. At the last appearance, she had asked to bring two songs again. But, she only brought one last song, Holy In Dust's a group from Malaysia, and then excused himself from the presence of spectators.