Eva Longoria mistake when trying to invite fans

Because not too understand the technology, Eva Longoria made a big mistake when trying to invite fans to visit a site that was covering Tony Parker, her husband. Because of a typo, the link actually included Eva Eva even took fans to a porn site.

Eva Longoria was not too long ago and intend to cultivate Twitter follower invite him to become familiar with Tony Parker. Eva then include a link to a site that was discussing Tony but because one type, the link was actually brought to the follower Eva porn sites.

Conscious has done wrong, Eva quickly add posts and write underneath, "Oh Nooo! I enter the wrong address Twitter! Links above go to porn sites! Do not click!" Eva writes half panic. If in the field of Eva relatively new technology, another about acting. Until now just Texas-born actress, 34 years ago has been collecting about seven awards including the People's Choice Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards.