Catherine Zeta Jones

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation) has just released a list of worst dressed celebrity by the size of this animal protection organization. And one name that had skyrocketed into the first position is Catherine Zeta Jones is said to like wearing clothes made from materials from animals.

"With shorts from cow skin that looks scary, fox fur coats, and crocodile-skin bag, Catherine Zeta Jones seemed to be trying to climb into the ark Noah with a knife in his hand," said PETA spokesman said as quoted by Splash News.

Catherine was not the only celebrities who get 'slaughter' this time. Jennifer Lopez received his 'Jenny from the slaughterhouse' as a way to dress Jessica Simpson got comments, "Everything is the same as his career - to die." PETA's is one of the major organizations that can reach to become a celebrity among their supporters and activists organizations one of the most popular is probably the Pamela Anderson.

Back to about Catherine Zeta Jones, with a cynical comment on PETA, "Maybe he was deeply in his new film role as a serial killer or a carpenter skinning animals."