Trio Macan aunching a new album

After a while has not released an album, the trio Dangdut unique with this seksinya will be launching a new album. Trio Macan that by Lia, Iva, and Dian confess this album will be released in a time not too long.

Asked about the possible release a new album, Lia and colleagues found in LP in order to reassure the Nusakambangan there napi Saturday (18/07) yesterday, said the middle of preparing a new album to be released around the coming Hari Raya Lebaran.

"There is, and now the process is 50%," he said.

According to Lia, a new album that will consist of 12 songs that recycle its repertoire creation Ahmad Dhani. However, Lia can not Ensure what the title of the new album.

"Hopefully what has come out," said Lia hope new album has been released at what can wait.

In addition to the entertaining with napi Trio Macan, social activities to devote GMAI is the main Planting 1000 trees to plant and back part of the forest environment on the island of Nusakambangan.