Artis Lia Waroka

Reluctance matrix child artist Lia Waroka, Asril, to live together with her mother was him by Lia. According to him, his son has been washed so created otaknya hate himself.

In that opportunity, sister Emma Waroka matrix model that also has to rebut if the emphasis on Asril. "Nggak no pressure. I also give freedom but with the rules that apply in accordance with the hours and learn Asril," Lia said in evasion.

Lia also confess disappointed with what has been done by Henry successfully create Asril hated himself. "Henry is quite successful. If I be within 3 days I will return it all as they are. Because I know, Asril really only want to stay with me," he said.

Lia also of if Asril let him sleep on the floor, such as greeting Asril. "Each child's sleep I always hug me. Spoofery So if sleeping on the floor. In fact, I always kiss him, and even I want dicium papanya. So I may be because he is my darling," he said