Artis Jupe and Gaston Casano

Artis Julia Perez and the aggressor Persiba, Gaston Casano, in a coast, increasingly proven with several photographs in the different situation. If in the photograph beforehand, Jupe and Gaston middle berasyik masyuk in one boat in the coastal bank, this time two pesohor from two different worlds was seen engrosseded in playing the wave at the coastal bank

Still in his section's bikini, that this time was red, Jupe was seen increasingly sexy with the low discount in the chest part, and the small rope at the back. While Gaston was still being seen casual with shorts a knees were white. Th.e player Persiba was numbered the back 32 this did not hesitate embraced and joked with Jupe in the middle debur the wave. To one of the photographs, Gaston was seen tied the Jupe bikini rope that possibly was freed, now Jupe apparently held tight his sensitive part.