Artis Asti Ananta

Artis Asti Ananta Day pencontrengan 'alias elections that will soon arrive disikapi positively by Asti Ananta. Presenter impressions for children in the STAR KIDS ANTV that, whoever is selected will be people oriented.

"For me, whoever that person sitting to be number one in this country must think of the people. Kandidatnya All I have is ugly, good-all good. So I am confused, which would have, and I want tuh nggak inget orangnya-inget that yesterday, I to believe that future definitely better, "said Asti, in STIE Nusantara, Cawang, East Jakarta, Wednesday (25 / 3) morning.

Thank you to the parties that have been offered to me. But I do not accept because I still need to learn a lot about politics. Because for me, the party has many responsibilities that extraordinary and should be held amanatnya, "specifically.

How to bid manggung during the campaign? "Yes, it is a form of support for a party. For I support his politics aja outside and not go directly," his him