Great Success, Emma Stone Thus highest-paid actress now

Acting talent possessed Emma Stone is very proud. Not only good at playing the role, Andrew Garfield's girlfriend also has a charm that is so extraordinary beauty. No wonder if in the end he has a lot of fans are so hardcore.

Now, he also included a very accomplished actress. How come? Acting cool thanks for this, she was awarded as the highest-paid actress by Forbes, as quoted from Ace Showbiz.
So, how does Emma income during the year 2014? Well, with a variety of films that starred, star birth of Scottsdale, Arizona, United States managed to return the money as much as no less than $ 61.45 (approximately USD 764.5 thousand) of each figure $ 1 it receives. With figures 61 times, you do not need to hesitate anymore to imagine how much revenue Emma received from various films that starred. His name was defeated many other talented actors and actresses.

If Emma successfully Top rated, Dwayne Johnson is only able to survive in the second position, followed by Chris Hemsworth in third. While Jennifer Lawrence is only able to survive in the fifth with his best-selling movie titled The Hunger GAMES.

Well, this would be a very proud achievement for the star of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's. At the age of 26 years still, I never guessed right if Emma managed to defeat other senior actors?