Lost Rihanna Sexy With Rita Ora?

Rihanna and Rita Ora touted as one type of female singers. In fact, not many are calling Rita Ora often mimic the appearance of Rihanna. The New Rihanna was the nickname pinned on Rita. Any comments on the assessment terseubut Rita?

"She (Rihanna) was remarkable. But we are different," says Rita in The Sun newspaper. "I am a woman from East London and he came from a small island. And her body is much better than me," he added.


But voting was held in The Sun it says another. Rita Ora get 58% of the total 9000 vote as a woman sexier than Rihanna. Rihanna herself only collect 42% of the vote.

Name is Rita Ora continue racing lately. Calvin Harris lover is known as a controversial singer who often appeared on stage.

Rita Ora believes himself less sexy with Rihanna. But Rita said voting is even more sexy. What do you think?