Cheryl Cole's ex-husband Playboy Girl Caught Fuck

Info from artis A bitter facts about romance Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole revealed. Playboy girl claimed to have slept with the footballer.

According to the woman named Melissa Howe, Ashley often pick up and take her home that was occupied by Cheryl Ashley. That's where Ashley and Melissa satisfy their desire masing.Mantan Cheryl Cole's Husband Caught Fuck Girl Playboy

"We made love in all parts of the house," Melissa said as reported by The Sun.

Ironically, this heat connection occurs when Cheryl is rumored to be back at Ashley. Previously, the issue of the affair is coloring their relationship, so that lead to divorce.

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation of any of the parties concerned. But if this is indeed true, then this fact would have hurt Cheryl.