Photo "Topless" Circulating, Heidi Klum Ready Hover Lawsuit

Feeling cornered by the bias continues with his bodyguard, Christian Martin, a former supermodel Heidi Klum celebrated lawsuit intends to spreading topless photos (topless) himself.

The photos are spread across several online sites showing Klum was on holiday in the South of France, with a new girlfriend who is also his personal bodyguard. In these photos, Klum was seen wearing a bikini while sunbathing topless with her ​​lover.

Knowing photographs circulated, Klum was deeply emotional. Therefore, he is entitled to bring a legal because it felt right to privacy has been stripped by the photographers.

Klum admits that they figure out what media disseminate original photographs when he was on vacation.

Efforts made Klum, admittedly inspired by Kate Middleton businesses demanding French magazine for spreading similar picture. About winning or losing in court later, he just wanted to give a lesson to anyone who tries to disturb the privacy space.