Hwayoung Release Clip Rap Posts Alone

The former member of girlband T-Ara, Hwayoung post a clip in which he displays his talent for rap fans.

Hwayoung post on Thursday (6/9), "Even though I'm still not perfect in many ways, I'm practicing writing lyrics. I worked hard to meet the expectations of fans, so I'm still waiting for a new, more mature image.'s Day T-Ara appear comeback, please give them a lot of support, "as reported by allkpop.com.

In the posting, Hwayoung also includes a sound clip lasts 51 seconds in which he was doing rap. The song was made ​​by Lishbeats with lyrics written by Hwayoung.

Hwayoung name within two months was busy talking. After he was released from T-Ara, rumors are growing that Hwayoung intimidation of members. Even appearing on T-Ara dissolution movement because the effects.

Meanwhile, in other news, T-Ara's comeback to the music industry is now K-Pop with a mini album entitled MIRAGE-7 with the main track, Sexy Love.