Lady Gaga Announces New Album Title

After a while the news of his new album cultivation discussed, Gaga finally revealed the title. In fact, he had a tattoo for it! Last week, singer of Judas was uploading the photos, showing off his new tattoo. On his arm, there is the word 'artwork' in black ink. In the upload, Gaga also include the status, "New album, new ink," which makes people speculate it will be the title of his latest album. The star enthusiasts to make sure his point by writing a longer message on his Twitter account, "Make sure when writing about my new album / project ARTPOP That you capitalize the title. * It's all in the details * good morning twitter!" he said. Gaga released her third album is expected early next month. When stuck in a crowd of fans in New York last month, he also had a chance to sing one new song. Gaga is currently completing a tour BORN THIS WAY. The flurry of sensational women are still growing with the launch of a perfume Fame and his film debut with director Robert Rodriguez.