Foto syur Miley Cyrus distributes

The entertainment world often shocked by the emergence of exciting photos of the celebrities that leaked onto the internet, and this time the fate experienced by the young actress Miley Cyrus.

As reported by the Huffington Post daily, the photos were originally made Miley for her lover who has become his fiancée, Liam Hemsworth. But apparently leaked the photo and make the fans excited and internet users in the world.

In the photo, Miley is seen posing naked in the bathtub while covering the breasts and showing off his tattoo.

The photos were taken by photographers who are also friends of Miley, Vijat Mohindra. Mohindra and Miley is known as a close friend. Mohindra even be the one to document his music tour in the spring of 2011 ago.

Blog Life of the Rich and Famous be the first to publish the photo. They claim the photo was taken during the 18-year-old Miley and her fiance are specific to Liam Hemsworth. But now it seems the photo was on display in one gallery collection Mohindra. Until this news was revealed, there has been no response from the Mohindra.

Apart from this one photo, posing naked is not new for the first time the popular star through the series Hannah Montana. Previously he has performed nearly topless for Vanity Fair magazine. And then he was just 15 years old.

Pose it had invited reactions and protests from various circles at her age who are minors and their effects on other teenagers. The controversy eventually died down after Miley publicly apologized.