Lindsay Lohan will not be alone

Lindsay Lohan went to jail because of fears he will not be alone. 24-year-old actress is not like the idea he should be alone in his cell. Including those that can not stand Lindsay Lohan was in a small room.

A source close to full star tells TMZ.com problem if Lohan believes that the prison will be pushed to the limits of the edge. Lohan some time ago were sentenced to confinement for 90 days. Decision of this prison as a result of violations of court orders related to the case of DUI (driving while intoxicated) in the year 2007.

According to U.S. celebrity website Lohan could not stand being in a small room. Lohan also reportedly also banned from wearing make-up, hair extension and smoking while in prison. MEAN GIRL star will undergo a prison sentence at Lynwood, California, just like Paris Hilton - who also experienced DUI cases - in the year 2007.