Lady Gaga Imsonia

Achieve fame in a relatively very short time did have a bad impact on Lady GaGa. According to sources close to the singer look 'unique' is Lady GaGa suffering from sleep disorders and many times he was not getting enough rest. Many people start worrying about this condition Lady GaGa.

"Currently he's in tough times. He was always planning what clothes he was wearing next. He also always tried to do more than he can afford," said a source quoted from Splash News. As a result, Lady GaGa having difficulty sleeping or who is known as insomnia.

"He never stops. Never. I'm sure soon he will have problems and we were all worried," continued the same source. Looks like what was said by this source is not far from reality. Some time ago, Lady GaGa said if he had not slept for three days because of work dealt



April 8, 2010 at 3:19 AM