Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt

The news about the wedding plans Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continues. Pitt and Jolie are rumored to apply. Reportedly Pitt also both parents, William and Jane give the marriage blessing.

Family Jolie - Pitt and currently resides in Venice during filming Jolie's new film The Tourist. According to a source, Jolie felt this was appropriate for them to marry. Even the National Enquirer quoted a source who said that Pitt's parents, who had reportedly not getting along with Jolie was happy with the decision.

This source said: "Angelina fell in love again with Brad - and he wanted to make this relationship official by getting married. Once he decides, the only thing to do is say to Brad."

The same rumors over and over like a few years ago, calling the wedding will be held at the couple's villa friend George Clooney, on Lake Como, Italy. Four children have their largest - Maddox (8), Pax (6), Zahara (5) and Shiloh (3) have an important role in this great day. Jolie and Pitt have been together for five years. They now have six children, three adopted children (Maddox, Pax, Zahara) and three biological children (Shiloh and twins Knox, Viviene.